If you don't want a regular weekly cleaner but instead would like a team of fantastic cleaners to come and freshen up your home on a day and time that is convenient for you, then our spring cleaning service in is just for you.

We ensure that our spring cleaning is a very thorough clean and tidy of your house from top to bottom. We can clean every part of your property, including oven cleaning, kitchen appliances and carpet cleaning. Your house will be clean, polished, sanitised and germ free. Our aim is to offer the best cleaning service in the area.

Offer end 31st May

Driveways and patios can become dull and dirty by daily wear and use from everyday life, your car wheels carry, dust, dirt and oil which overtime can build into a thick layer on your driveway. Spores and weed seeds which travel in the wind are then able to find root and germinate in the cracks across your driveway, Patios and Roofs.

Our driveway & Patio cleaning services are vastly more effective at removing weeds and dirt than simple weeding and scrubbing. To ensure the cleaning process is effective, we normally pre-treat the paved area with a low pressure stone or timber wash to destroy fungal spores and break down the moss and dirt. This also has a weed killer added.
Offer end 31st May

25% off all Patio & driveway jet wash

20% off all House spring clean

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