Lock Replacement

​Over time our doors, particularly the lock, are subject to wear and tear, which can impact on the security of your home or business. When this happens, it's time to call A.R.C. for your lock replacement needs. What's more is that our services are not only for residential properties, but we also carry out quality commercial and automotive services.

Peace of mind is such a rare commodity these days, especially where securing your home or business is concerned. We ensure that your first lines of defence, your doors and windows, do what they are required to do. Our years of experience in reinforcing and repairing doors has proved invaluable to many a customer. We repair, supply and fit any type of lock required; whether the door be timber, steel, glass or Upvc.

From installing new locks to repairing faulty ones, our team of professionals do it all.  If you’re locked out or your lock is broken, call our expert locksmiths to fix the issue for you.  Our team members have years of experience in the trade. We focus on achieving complete customer satisfaction and provide you with quality services at competitive prices.




                                                    Door Mechanism

                                                            We offer professional locksmith services such as door and window lock repairs, along with door repairs.

                                                            At A.R.C. we value your security and understand that emergencies can occur at any time. We ensure 

                                                            promptness in all emergencies, including Upvc doors. We deliver prompt service in order to minimize

                                                            any  damage that may result from emergencies. Our customer care service is second to none. We are efficient

                                                            and effective at what we do.


                                                            We provide door repairs, reinforcements and enhancements for timber, glass, steel, and UPVC frames and

                                                            doors,  including re-hinging and steel sheeting. We have the experience and expertise to provide the door

                                                            repair  solution that’s just right for you and your property. We’ll despatch an expert at short notice and can

                                                            arrange  ongoing quick-response contracts for landlords and other commercial organisations.



                                                    Door reinforcing 

                                                            Preventative reinforcement is vital in achieving a high level sense of security. Your overall safety and protection

                                                            is our concern. That is why we put great effort in providing reliable door reinforcement techniques.

                                                            Our locksmiths are qualified. They are armed with skills and tools to get the job done. A quick survey of

                                                            your premises and we will advise on an efficient solution. This solution will be tailored to meet your

                                                            needs promptly  and professionally.

                                                    Locking systems

                                                           Security requirements for different kinds of premises vary. A locking solution for your home’s front door or

                                                           service  door may not fit the demands suited to a workplace. Places such as retail stores, offices and

                                                           operational  departments, hotels or hospitals call for a more suitable lock and key systems. To ensure that

                                                           their security capabilities are well adapted to the setting. Our market-tested partners offer a comprehensive array

                                                           of locking systems for all property types.

                                                           Door repairs






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New lock installation

People come to A.R.C. locksmith service for many reasons, but many come to us in an emergency situation; like getting a new lock installed. In these cases they need a locksmith right away. We have the keys to your peace of mind. Every one of our professional locksmiths is dedicated to the job. With the advances in technology and alarm systems, new lock installation is simple and provides a high level of security.

Lock repairs

Naturally, instances causing locks to become stuck or not to function effectively can occur, for example doors can drop out of alignment, lock components can become displaced and sometimes keys are just lost or locked inside a property. Whether it's a jammed or broken lock.....trust that we know the drill. Our emergency locksmith service is on hand to deal with it.